An Escambia County teacher has been captured after different teachers reported that she hit a kid with special needs amid the school day

The First District Court of Appeals has turned around the jury decision against a teacher assistant who constrained a special need student.

Escambia County deputies captured Lincoln Park Primary School kindergarten educator aide Brenda Morris on Thursday for purportedly abusing child on a growth challenged student. Morris was discharged soon after booking.

Brenda Morris, 69, was accused of two numbers of child abuse crime, and an Escambia County jury discovered her liable of one include of wrongdoing battery December. Judge Thomas Dannheisser withheld arbitration and forced fines for the situation, yet Morris still reconsidered the charge.

The case originates from March 2016, when Morris, an assistant teacher at Lincoln Park Elementary School, tried to restrict a 4-year-old who was kicking, spitting and hitting while at the same time remaining on a table in the classroom.

Morris expelled the student from the classroom into the corridor to talk with him and quiet him down. The student at that time kicked and spat at Morris, who responded by slapping her hand down at his face, grasping his leg, according to the appealed document.

The State Attorney’s Office charged the 69-year-old Morris with one count of child abuse without huge physical damage, which is delegated a third-degree lawful offense.

“She was charged to have touched the kid in an illicit way, which may constitute mishandling or mistreating the kid,” said Greg Marcille, aide state lawyer.

She said that any contact with the student was to restrain him from spitting on her, and to obstruct his continuous kicking.

Another teacher present there, who had seen the episode in the corridor affirmed that she saw Morris slapping the student’s face and force his leg. She said what she saw to the direction advocate and the central.

In the appealed recorded document it is stated that since the teachers and associates treat the children working in the place of guardians at schools, often a type of disciplinary conduct is vital.

“This parent-like part includes specialist to teach discipline to students who show aggressive conduct of the sort that happened for this situation,” the record states.

The record requested Escambia County courts to clear Morris of the charge.
Escambia Deputy Superintendent Norm Ross said that apparently the episode took place on Monday at the school. Lincoln Park organization told the Florida Department of Children and Families, whose specialists reacted to the scene that Morris was escorted off school property.

Ross said the School District suspended Morris with pay, pending the result of the inspection.

“We’re helpless before another organization,” Ross said. “One thing individuals should be made enlightened of is the manner by which severely these projects, (for example, DCF) are understaffed considering the workload these folks have.”

Marcille said he anticipates that Morris will be charged in three weeks. Her case, then, will be put on the trial docket for a few months after the arraignment.



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