Deputy officer shot and killed a Pit Bull that was restraining to arrest his owner

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A Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office representative shot and killed a pit bull that attempted to attack an officer while experts were attempting to make an effort for an arrest on Monday in Milton, as per stated by a SRSO arrest report.

On Monday at around 4 p.m. the county Sheriff’s agents were making an arrest warrant for Nickole Trappman in the 4000 block of Woodville Road when the lady’s spouse purportedly started to meddle with the deputy officers outside the home. He was constantly interfering in their work of catching the woman who has attempted to hold on a criminal offense and she, being his wife, he was trying the best possible way to restrain the officers and however he was also charged for obstructing the officers in their actions.

The deputies did not react to that in a misleading manner rather at that point the deputies advised and requested to David Trappman to quit meddling or otherwise he would be immediately arrested for such act, while the man purportedly stated hinting a sort of threat to the deputies “That is fine, I hope you don’t get attacked by my pet dogs while entering into my residence,” the report states.

However, he was hinting the officers indirectly not to enter the house or they would be in trouble.

David Trappman purportedly requested his two pet dogs to harm the deputies at the time they entered the house to capture his spouse other, who had a dynamic lawful offense warrant for ownership of a controlled substance without a medicine.

According to the deputy officers they had repeatedly warned Trapman to not to provoke the dogs for the attack or else they will have no other option left than to arrest him as well but Trapman continued threatening them and attempting to advise the dogs for attacking those officers immediately after they made an effort to enter their home.

The report expresses the dogs were abandoned and both the dogs together harmed one of the agents, and having left with no other option another officer present there shot and slaughtered the animal. The deputy was nibbled on the back of his left thigh, and the skit and srab required serious treatment.
The report expresses another agent utilized “fatal power on the white pit bull to keep any further damage.”

David Trappman whose age is 26, was captured by the deputy officers and accused of serious battery on a law enforcement agent, battery on a law authorization officer and opposing an officer.

After the incident the officers made some serious effort to capture him and when he was arrested, got immediately transported to the Santa Rosa County Prison where he was being held in the custody on a $61,000 bond, according
to the statement recorded on the arrest report.

Nickole Trappman who is 28 years old, was arrested and accused of ownership of a controlled substance and opposing an officer.



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