Ideas for Creating a Beautiful and Functional Laundry Space by Design Bee Studio

A house that can be considered complete must respond to a multiplicity of needs. Design and furnishings are very important factors, but functionality cannot be overshadowed. After all, the house is the space in which a very important part of the routine of daily life takes place, and consequently it is necessary to think of meeting all needs. A space like the one to be dedicated to the laundry does not respond to strictly aesthetic needs, but it is certainly an extremely practical space.

1. Don’t be afraid of limited spaces

Even if you don’t have large spaces, the laundry room won’t have to be oppressive or uncomfortable. Even a space like the one we see in this long and narrow image can become a welcoming and functional laundry space. Design Bee Studio gives attention to detail and distribution of spaces. Soft colors are essential to make the space bright and airy.

2. The details are important

If the washing machine cannot be missing in the laundry, an essential element, the details are very important to make the most of the space. Like the trolley we see, equipped with baskets for linen, drawers and equipped with an ironing surface. A compact structure that collects the essentials for the laundry space.

3. And more details

Getting a small space to hang inside the house can solve many problems. A wall equipped with clothesline obtains an active corner in the configuration of the laundry room, a functional and practical solution.

4. Shared spaces

As said by Design Bee Studio, the kitchen can also become the environment in which the laundry room can find its space. By providing a part of the spaces for the washing machine as we see in this image, the pantry and laundry room become a shared space in the name of maximum functionality.

5. Kitchen and laundry coexist

Still in the context of an equipped kitchen, the laundry room can be found thanks to an intelligent and balanced project like the one we see in this image. The kitchen worktops alternate on different walls with washer and dryer and a hanging area.



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