Man Gets Life Imprisonment for Reoffending

A 35-year-old Pensacola man faces life in jail after an Escambia County jury discovered him liable of breaking into two homes while pursuing his ex with a firearm.

An Escambia County man has been condemned to life in state jail as a jail releasee reoffender by Circuit Judge Thomas Dannheisser.

As indicated by news reporting from State Attorney Bill Eddins’ office, Kerrick Teamer, Sr. was sentenced on Sept. 28 by an Escambia County jury of two tallies of robbery of an abode with a gun, lawful offense battery, simple attack, two counts serious assault and releasing a gun out in the open public area.

The incident took place on March 8, 201 when Teamer entered the house of his ex, pushing his way into the living area while carrying a gun with him. The ex escaped from the home and at that point of time when she was running, Teamer started to run behind, following her and fired no less than one shot.

The victim went inside a neighbor’s home and stowed away in the private cabin in the backside of the residence. Teamer at that point broke into that residence and pointed his weapon at a minor kid searching for that victim. While he couldn’t find her, at that point Teamer left that place shooting the weapon once more.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office was brought to the scene and they captured Teamer. The Assistant State Attorney Blake Adams indicted the case.

He faces a lifelong incarceration for the robbery convictions as a prison releasee reoffender.

Circuit Judge Thomas Dannheisser completed scheduling of condemning for Oct. 16.

For people those who have no clear idea of the legal jurisdictions and the differences of the rules between the State Prison and the county Jail here are below a clear account of both categories of imprisonment. According to the news it is important to be cleared out for the public how and why Kerrick Van Teamer has been convicted of State Prison and a detail about his imprisonment by law.

What is a State Prison?

State jails are long term offices usually used to house wrongdoers condemned for over one year. These offices work under the lawful specialist of the state, and can be both openly and secretly run. Like government detainment facilities, state penitentiaries are approved to both imprison and execute prisoners where the state has capital punishment. The dominant part of prisoners in state jails have been sentenced fierce and medicate offenses. A prisoner’s normal sentence length in a state jail is between 5 to 10 years.

What is a County Jail?

County Jail is typically related to the prisons in different districts or counties and this kind of jail house prisoners kept on charges and anticipating court activity, indicted wrongdoers anticipating condemning, and indicted offenders serving a sentence of usually close to one year. County Prisons additionally manage group condemned guilty parties under electronic observing, house capture, group administration, and work programs. A prisoner’s normal sentence length in a neighborhood imprison is in the vicinity of 20 and 30 days.



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