Pensacola man Cummings taken in custody for repeatedly raping victim in a motel room

A 36-year-old Pensacola man is charged for assaulting a lady at a nearby motel. A Pensacola man is accused of sexual battery charges after a lady went to a nearby health care centre giving statement that she had been over and over raped in a motel room.

The victim told that she knew the suspect, Jamel Cummings about a month prior to the attack. She said he offered to advance her cash for the motel room in which she was staying, and he took her out to eat and said he had more cash in his own room at the Travel Inn on West Cervantes.

On the day of the informed assault, Cummings greets her, saying he’d lend her cash for lease and after that paid for a Yellow Cab to drop them to Short Stop Pantry on Pace Boulevard.

He at that point gave her $35 and informed her that there was more cash at his room at the Travel Inn on Cervantes, according to the victim. She notified the police officers that Cummings purchased cigarettes, beer and cigar and they walked pass the three blocks that was near to his motel room.

Once there, she said Cummings started making undesirable loans, which prompted an aggressive sexual assault. She said officers he frightened to “slit her throat”. She said she initially pondered calling police, however didn’t on account of she was perplexed Cummings was watching her.

As per Cummings’report of arresting, the victim and he both went into the motel room in the early hours of Oct. 6. The victim disclosed to Escambia County Sheriff’s agents that Cummings started touching her and she felt awkward so she attempted to leave, yet Cummings persuasively pushed her down. She said she shouted for help, yet Cummings debilitated her and she surrendered. She said he sexually mistreated her in various circumstances and in the long run she was permitted to leave. The victim went home and rested, however woke up and went to the hospital for proper healthcare to report the assault that took place.

The investigating agents affirmed Cummings had booked the room that night, and included Cummings in a photograph lineup, amid which the victim emphatically distinguished him as the assailant.

Being charged of rape is an extremely punishable offense according to the law and there are proper charges for sexual assaults and violence that are Cummings is being accused of. In Pensacola Escambia county these crimes are being considered as one of the most brutal acts and governing bodies pay serious attention to such cases and take immediate action. Though there is no proof of the statement of the victim but still the deputies of Escambia county have taken completely appreciating action to such crime.

Cummings faces one check each of battery, capturing and sexual battery. He was set up for the Escambia County Jail on Oct. 10 on a $155,000 bond and stayed in imprisonment as of Thursday evening.



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