Why & When You Would Need A Child Support Lawyer?

While the law doesn’t require hiring a lawyer to handle your child support case, it’s what the situation demands in most cases. You are going to need a child support lawyer, especially when you are in midst of a crisis- a divorce or child custody dispute.

When there are major disagreements between couples, legal assistance is required to sort out the problem. In such situations, a lawyer can help get the best possible outcome.

What Does A Child Support Attorney Usually Do?

A family law attorney is the one who can help you deal with your family issue-related cases. A family law lawyer can assist you in every aspect of the case such as-

· Explain the legal issues associated with the case

· Evaluate every aspect of the case

· Advice you on how you should proceed

· Represent you at the court

· Protect your rights

· Warn you about the possible outcomes

· Negotiate on your behalf

What Does Child Support Include?

Child support is all about the well-being of a child. It’s about the money that has to be paid for the child’s care and overall upbringing purposes. Usually, the judge sets the child support payment amount at the final hearing of the case.

Child support covers the basic needs of the children involved in the case-

· Child care

· Education expenses

· Medical care

· Health insurance

· Extracurricular activities

· Other basic needs’ expenses

A parent can apply for a modification of child support if the situation changes suddenly, such as when a parent loses his or her job.

Who Usually Pays Child Support?

Apparently, according to the law, both parents are required to contribute to child support. However, in most cases, the parent who doesn’t have physical custody of the child has to bear the child support expenses.

The child support amount is calculated using the child support guidelines, considering the different factors- the financial status of the parents and the needs of the children.

Why Do You Need A Child Support Lawyer?

While hiring a child support attorney may seem like an unnecessary expense but the cost is totally worth it when the case gets complicated. The best-case scenario is; legal assistance can save you time and effort.

Here’s why you would want to hire a lawyer to handle a child support case

· If the case gets complicated due to major disagreements

· When the opposite party gets a lawyer

· When the situation demands you to hire a lawyer badly, for instance, if the circumstances of the case have changed

· If you want to handle the case peacefully and legally

Finding a Child Support Lawyer in Memphis, TN

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy child support lawyer in Memphis, TN, Jerome C Payne Law Firm is your one-call solution. You can absolutely rely on our legal assistance services and we are always available for you whenever you need us.

Disputes regarding child support can very stressful, complicated, and overwhelming. Speaking to an attorney may help understand the process and provide the best solution. So, you may want to contact Jerome C Payne if you are having a child support case crisis. We will be more than happy to help you with the case.



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